Pricing Options

All flying trapeze classes are 90 minutes. Classes with more than 8 people may run longer.

Introductory Class

First Trapeze Lesson $95 (includes a one-time registration fee)

Single Class

1 Trapeze Lesson = $60


5 Class Pack = $225 ($45/class)
10 Class Pack = $420 ($42/class)

These packages are for one person to use within 6 months. They may be shared with one other person per day.

Frequent Flyer 

Becoming a Frequent Flyer allows you to fly in one class per week and to purchase additional classes at only $34 each.

Frequent Flyer Membership = $129/month

Flight Club – This is the way to really learn to fly!

Joining the “Club” Guarantees a reserved space in 8 classes and allows you to purchase additional classes at $30 each. Club members also are invited to Club fly special classes and events.

Monthly Club Membership = $219/month

Private Class at a non-regularly scheduled class time

1-4 Participants = $240 (+$60 for each additional person)

Private Class for Groups, Parties and Team Building Events

Basic Flying Trapeze Party 1.5 hr lesson = $500

Flying Trapeze lesson plus 45 minutes of Traveling Rings and Kiiker =$600

Kiiker Pricing

All Kiiker classes are 45 minutes long.

Introductory Class

First Kiiker Experience = $30 (includes a one time registration fee)

Registration fee is waived with the purchase of a flying trapeze class.

Single Class

1 Kiiker Experience = $20

$9 with the purchase of a flying trapeze class.

Family Camp

Includes 2 hrs of Flying Trapeze, Kiiking, Traveling Rings and more

$69 per session ($15 off for additional family members)

Bulk Session Discount:

5-10 Sessions = $54 each

10 or more = $44 each

More about Party Pricing…

We can absolutely have parties with more than 10 guests… we just change the format a bit. Parties with more than 15 people may include additional circus activities to ensure entertainment of all guests. (The basic party, with up to 10 people Includes flying trapeze lessons with ground school, swinging, learning tricks, and catching.)

Basic Party Package includes up to 10 people and is $500. This saves the space for only your group. Each additional person is $40 each & must be confirmed before event (Includes extra time on trapeze rig, plus possible additional activities/staff)

Additional Party Activities for an additional fee:

  • * Traveling Rings
  • * KiiKer
  • * Aerial Silks
  • * Hoop Dancing
  • * Poi Spinning
  • * Juggling ($150)


Other Services Available: (rates vary)

  • * Custom Decor
  • * Themed Parties
  • * Party Packages to choose from (or custom create your own)
  • * Full Service and Do-it-Yourself Options


Please call Harmony for more information and scheduling at 1-619-318-0833

Cancellation Policy

We are a small family business sharing our passion for flying.  IF YOU HAVE SCHEDULED A CLASS, IT IS YOURS. We have a limited number of spaces in each class and frequently turn people away when the class fills up. If you give us ample notice (at least 72 hrs in advance) and we can fill your space, we will generally be nice and reschedule you. Classes ARE transferable, so you can always send a friend or family member in your place.



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