Family Camp

Family Camp2014-07-16T17:47:49-04:00

Trapeze High Family Summer Camps

Family Camp (ages 7+) Includes:

Flying Trapeze, Traveling Rings, Slack Strap, Static Lyra and Kiiking Swing.


$69 per session, $15 off for family members

Bulk Session Discount:

5-10 sessions: $54 each

10 or more = $44 each

Traveling Rings & More…

Many of you have played on Traveling rings when you were young or maybe in Santa Monica at Muscle Beach. Now that sport is accessible right here in Escondido.

We have a smaller set of 3 rings for kids and for bigger kids to learn on and then many students move on to the full sized set. Get in touch with your inner monkey!

And if you need to reduce the adrenaline rush a little bit you can practice on the Slack Line or Static Rigs and the Hula hoops…


Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Friday: Morning Session from 9am-11am and Evening Session 4pm-6pm

Saturday and Sunday are available for private sessions which cost $400 and includes up to 8 participants. We can accommodate additional people for $40 each.