The official trapeze address is 2470 Melru Lane, Escondido, CA 92026, USA. However, GPS often does not get you exactly to the right location.

Your best chance with GPS is to plug in “Trapeze High” instead of the actual address. Sometimes this works for people, but not always, so please check the map and directions below:

The exact Location is marked on the below embedded map

Follow the detailed directions below. We have fewer wandering and lost first timers if they print out and follow the directions. Just a hint!

From San Diego:

15 North to El Norte Parkway exit in Escondido

RIGHT on El Norte Parkway

LEFT on Broadway (first light after Centre City Pkwy)

Continue on Broadway past the Reidy Creek Elementary School traffic light (this is the second of two elementary schools on this stretch of Broadway). Get in the right hand lane as you proceed to the right hand stop sign at North Ave.

Yes, there are two stop signs here and you want the right one…

RIGHT on North Ave continuing on past the stop sign (Conway) and around the curve to the right.

Take the very first LEFT turn after the curve. This small street is named Cindy Jo Lane. There will likely not be a street sign as someone keeps taking it. There currently is a sign for Deer Park Monastery here.

You are now heading straight for the Trapeze High driveway/entrance at the end of Cindy Jo. It’s the right hand driveway with the trapeze sign pointing up and the Deer Park Monastery sign pointing right.

Please come up the driveway, go around the corner to the right and park in the dirt parking lot to the left where the sign says, “park here”.

Please walk on the paved driveway and continue down the dirt path under the Trapeze High sign. Make a left through the trees and continue walking until you reach the covered deck and flying trapeze sign-in area.

You found it, excellent! (What? You’re lost? Call Harmony at 1-619-318-0833!)