Traveling Rings

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And now for something completely different…

traveling rings

Traveling Rings are an amazingly fun type of fitness equipment which consist of metal rings suspended by chains, each of which is linked to a aluminum support structure. You “travel” from one ring to the next like a monkey swinging from vine to vine, with a combination of leg swings and arm pulls.

Check out this link from Robert Chapin
It gives you an idea of what you can do on these outrageously fun toys

Maybe you played on a set similar to these when you were young or maybe you have seen them on TV in one of those Ninja Challenge shows. They have a set at Santa Monica’s Muscle Beach and there is another set in New York.  These days there are very few places that you can enjoy this fun and exhilarating new sport. ( it is really not new, just hard to find ) We have 2 sets available to play on – a beginner set, close to the ground with 3 rings and a more advanced set with 4 rings and higher off the ground for those with a little more practice and enthusiasm.

Most people advance quickly and can play on both in their first visit. Kids as young as 7 are getting in touch with their inner Tarzan and adults, even in their 70s, are getting and staying fit with this challenging apparatus.

Come swing with us on the traveling rings!

Ask us for more info on joining the NCTRC (North County Traveling Rings Club)