Meet the founders of The Flying Chutes and

the proud owners of Trapeze High!

The Chute Family


Harmony French Chute

After years of training as a gymnast and collegiate diver, Harmony stumbled upon flying trapeze and she was hooked. The Trapeze High team took Harmony under their wing, and a few months later, she was off to Circus Circus in Las Vegas to start her professional flying trapeze career. After more than a decade of performing all over the world, the opportunity to take the helm of Trapeze High opened up, and Harmony jumped at the chance to come back to where it all began. Her peers would say that Harmony is truly one of the elite both as a performer and as a coach; anyone looking to take their flying to the next level is fortunate to have her around.

Check out the video with a few highlights from Harmony’s career

Jeremy Chute

Harmony introduced her husband, Jeremy, to trapeze right here at Trapeze High. A few years later, when she accepted a flying trapeze job at POP Circus in Japan, Jeremy was offered a catching job alongside her. He decided to take

a one-year leave-of-absence from his job with the State of California to be with his wife and children in Japan. Three years later, Jeremy and Harmony assumed the leadership position with the team, and now, Jeremy is still there catching and running things, although you’ll be seeing him around Trapeze High more and more in the near future!


Cameron (Cami) Chute

With her mom’s work ethic and her dad’s good looks …this kid was born to perform. Cameron took her first swing on the flying trapeze at 14 months old (check out the video, and like her mom, she was hooked. Just before her second birthday, she moved to Japan with her parents while they performed with POP Circus. Even at two years old, surrounded by professional performers, Cami knew she wanted to fly. Cameron took her first swing without safety lines by the time she was five. By six years old, she was catching and returning flawlessly, and before her seventh birthday, she performed in her first show as a professional. Cami holds the title of “youngest professional female flyer” and is sure to be a name you will hear about in the future.


Courtney (Tatum) Chute

Tatum was only five months old when she moved to POP Circus with her family. She didn’t have the same desire to perform at a young age like her sister did, but she always had a smile on her face and dress-up princess clothes on her body.  Nowadays, back at Trapeze High, Tatum is becoming quite the force to be reckoned with.  At only six years old, she is already safely doing whips to the net without safety lines, climbing to the top of the silks, and achieving many other remarkable feats.  Still only in it to let the good times roll, if you come to the rig with younger children and suddenly find they’ve disappeared, it’s because Tatum stole them away to go play.


The rest of our awesome team!


Chris Larkin

Chris first flew on the trapeze just days after the death of his close friend, Jacob Ayers, the son of Dave Ayers, Trapeze High’s previous owner. Chris says Jake taught him more about life than he can put into words. To honor his friend and help out Jake’s family, Chris quickly learned to fly, catch, and pull lines. He became the glue that helped hold the school together through this difficult time. Years later, Chris continues coaching and flying, enjoying the unique feeling of freedom trapeze provides to him.


Tori Manning (Ms. Tori)

Tori grew up doing gymnastics and dreaming of trying flying trapeze. She moved to Australia in 2005, where she began learning static trapeze and tissue, but in the back of her mind, she still wanted to fly! Her wish came true when she moved back to San Diego in April 2007 and found Trapeze High. Now, on any given day, you’ll find this trapeze addict flying, catching, pulling safety lines, and working the board. For Tori, it’s a family affair, as she introduced her husband, Noah, to flying trapeze, and now he’s hooked, too. If you want to see the prettiest catch locks of all of our catchers at Trapeze High, take a look at Tori’s!



Trapeze High Founders

David (The Puppet Master) Ayers

Dave found flying trapeze in 1994 in Sonoma, California, where author Sam Keen has a much larger and more beautiful backyard. Five years later, he began teaching flying trapeze, and in 2002 he founded Trapeze High.  Dave enjoys helping anyone who aspires to learn flying trapeze and has a really good eye for fixing problems with your swing. Both beginners and advanced flyers find his insights helpful. The Trapeze High staff is lucky to be trained by Dave, as he not only has a solid understanding of technique but he is the best line-puller in the world (seriously). Dave is one of the most genuine, honest people you’ll ever meet; if he says you did well, you really, truly did!


Lindsay (The Queen) Van Voorhis


Lindsay first flew on the trapeze at Club Med for her 40th birthday way back in 1995. She dreamed about flying for the next five years until a circus school opened near her home in Northern California. When it closed three months later, she followed her mentor, the legendary and very patient Tony Steele, to Sonoma. There, she joined/crashed the Sonoma Trapeze Troupe mostly by showing up, being polite, and cleaning the bathroom a lot. Ultimately, she fell in love with her line-puller, Dave. Together, they dreamed of sharing their passion for flying trapeze with others, which materialized as Trapeze High.